In the area of fundraising counsel, DeVine Consulting advises its clients on a wide-range of development strategies and tactics. This often includes an assessment of the organization’s current or past performance, a plan for the future, and execution of the plan. Nonprofit organizations that recognize their potential for growth, or desire a higher level of performance, partner with DeVine Consulting to gain a competitive advantage.

Development assessments, campaign counsel major gifts, and more!

DeVine Consulting’s strength is in moving quickly to implement plans and achieve goals on behalf of their clients.  Nonprofits often choose DeVine Consulting when they seek to:

  • Assess and improve their fundraising programs
  • Start new fundraising programs or initiatives
  • Focus on major gifts…which is Margie’s sweet spot!
  • Plan or launch a capital campaign
  • Create or improve their individual giving program
  • Craft development communications
  • Involve their board in fundraising in a more significant way
  • Give their high performers the professional coaching that would take the organization to a new level
  • Problem solve issues that come up…because they do!

From DeVine Consulting, the client can expect:

  • Thoughtful verbal and written assessments
  • Clear and insightful plans that can be executed
  • Creative ideas that the client might not arrive at on their own
  • Strong execution
  • Genuine interest in accomplishing the work at hand

“I truly believe that Margie shares in the mission and vision of her clients,” says Dr. Beth Purvis, former chief executive of The Chicago International Charter School, one of the largest charter school systems in Illinois.