Nonprofit leaders have multiple demands on their time and look to a content and search expert to assist them in placing key members on their team. They recognize that working with the right search partner is vital to an effective search and leads to the best results.

Search has been part of DeVine Consulting from the start. DeVine understands that nonprofits are as strong as their people are skilled, focused and hard-working and that, more often than not, team building is about finding the right combination and fit.

Specializing in CEO/ED and Development Roles

Nonprofits choose DeVine Consulting when they seek to:

  • Assess and define the opportunity
  • Recruit leadership, i.e., CEO’s, Executive Directors, CDO’s, etc.
  • Recruit specialized talent, i.e., Development professionals, etc.

When working with DeVine Consulting, the client receives:

  • Nonprofit expertise
  • Full service executive search (from writing the position guide to negotiating the final offer and everything in between)
  • Quality in the candidate pool arrived at through careful research, review and vetting process
  • High touch communications and professionalism
  • Project based fee structure

In addition, for each search, DeVine Consulting offers:

  • Openness to the client’s ideas and direction
  • Commitment to finding the right match between client and candidate
  • Flexibility if course changes are needed
  • Relentless pursuit of a job well done

“Christopher House has long partnered with DeVine Consulting and I’ve personally worked with Margie in two searches. Margie is thoughtful, responsive and timely in all of her communications, and very knowledgeable and strategic in the field of fundraising. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her through the hiring process, so much so that we continue to stay in touch, and she serves as a thought partner with our work.”

– Meaghann Jennings, Director of External Affairs, Christopher House