DeVine’s consulting platform has been refined based on years of experience servicing major non-profits across a myriad of sectors. Our methodologies and best-practices are characterized by:

  • Strong client orientation DeVine Consulting adjusts to each client’s needs. With DeVine’s broad reach of talent, team of associates, and partners, the firm can manage a variety of assignments and issues. Engagements range from one-time projects to retained counsel, and are structured to give the client the greatest flexibility.
  • Extended member of the team In providing counsel, DeVine Consulting shares in the vision of its client. DeVine believes that the firm’s work is an extension of the client organization in furtherance of its mission.
  • Focus and professionalism Distractions and diversions are a reality for many organizations. DeVine views it as the job of the consultant partner to keep the client’s team focused on the project at hand and drive results on time. This requires high responsiveness, exceptional follow through, and an atmosphere of trust and candor between the firm and its client.
  • Quality of Advice Strategy and execution are the hallmark of DeVine’s approach to consulting. With two decades of in-house experience, DeVine Consulting offers reality-based insight and recommendations that consistently lead to positive results.

“We are invested in what happens with our clients and help to lead positive change.”
– Margie DeVine, President of DeVine Consulting