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The Village Chicago
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The Village Chicago

An innovative model for enriching the experience of aging

The Village Chicago is poised for great things!

In early 2019, Dianne Campbell will step down as Founding Executive Director of The Village Chicago, having played an integral role in helping the Village become one of the nation’s premier nonprofits of its kind. The Village does not want to see Dianne go. Even so, the community is most grateful for the organization she has built.

2017/18 was a banner year for The Village Chicago as measured in many ways as it:

  • Built the organization to 450 members, making it one of the largest urban villages nationally
  • Fulfilled 1,200 service requests
  • Engaged 300 volunteers in helping others
  • Partnered with 150 referral sources
  • Offered 400 social, educational or advocacy related member programs
  • Covered a service area of 14 neighborhoods from the South Loop to Edgewater, representing an expanded community and open to all
  • Achieved record breaking fundraising success, including a gala that secures more than $100,000 annually
  • Maintained a strong balance sheet, thanks to the Village’s prudent management philosophy and sound business judgment
  • And much more!

The next phase for the Village will be focused on sustaining the foundation of success that has been achieved and, at the same time, on welcoming new opportunities. There is genuine excitement about what the future holds and confidence in how the Village will flex and adapt to take advantage of new ideas, sparks of interest, trends and new developments that could positively affect its mission and membership. The high-functioning staff and a strong board of directors plan to work closely together and continue in the spirit of transparency, cooperation and direct communication that has been the hallmark of their relationship – and a reason for so much of the Village’s success to date.

Executive Director

Shaping the next decade for The Village Chicago

The Village’s next Executive Director will play a key role in shaping the strategy to move the organization through this transition period to realize the hopes, dreams and full potential of what’s to come. For The Village Chicago, the next decade undoubtedly will be an era of vibrancy and connection for members, as well as others whose lives are touched in a positive way by the organization. As the next decade will also be one of continued evolution and change, the next Executive Director will need to inspire others through innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as serve as a public voice and advocate for Village members and the wider Village community.

The Executive Director reports to the board of directors, working for and with the Village members to achieve short and long-term goals. With overall strategic and operational responsibility for The Village Chicago, the Executive Director’s primary role is to advance the mission of the organization and serve the best interests of the members. He or she will manage seven employees (the organization is currently structured to have four direct reports) who oversee, directly or indirectly, all of the functional areas of The Village Chicago: member recruitment and engagement; member services, advocacy and special initiatives; finance, compliance and operations; and external relations (including fundraising).

Specific responsibilities of the Executive Director will include:

Strategic Planning and Management – (30% of the time)

  • Provide vision and organizational leadership for the Village with an emphasis on developing solid business plans and strategic partnerships. By working smart, embracing technology and systematic approaches, the enterprise will flourish.
  • In concert with the board of directors, develop a new three-year strategic plan (FY20-22) that builds on the success of the previous plan and identifies new areas of greatest potential. At the Village, the strategic plan influences how the leadership makes decisions and set priorities. The strategic plan guides operations.
  • Together with the board president, implement a continuous quality experience for board members, as they are active. The board of directors, comprised of experienced, motivated and accomplished people, does substantive work and owns responsibility for the organization.
  • Oversee the staff and contribute to effective business processes, emphasizing quality across the organization while also maintaining the Village’s collegial spirit. By delegating, providing necessary resources and information, as well as inspiring others to reach their full potential, the Executive Director will maximize the team’s talent and efforts.
  • Contribute to an existing culture of innovation, collaboration, service and philanthropy.

Leadership and External Relations – (70% of the time)

  • Serve as lead revenue generator for the organization with support from the board of directors and a development coordinator. The fundraising target is about 2/3 of the $600,000 annual budget. The balance of the funds comes from membership dues.
  • In the area of philanthropy, The Village Chicago benefits from multiple funding sources, including board giving, member giving, an annual celebration event, sponsorship and foundation support. Continue to build on what is working and innovate new ways to increase fundraising. This includes working with the Village’s generous board of directors.
  • Engage volunteers and nurture the grassroots, volunteer-first commitment that the Village has embraced historically. The Village operates 7 days/week, thanks to rotating staff coverage and the many volunteers who are the backbone of its service delivery.
  • In collaboration with the board committee on marketing and communications, elevate community awareness and implement compelling communications strategies that “tell the story” of The Village Chicago to prospective members, contributors, partners and the community at large.
  • Maintain a strong membership base that is diverse and inclusive. This includes intergenerational engagement. The membership age is from 50 to 100 years old, allowing individuals to support each other when they are able and to receive help when they need it.  The Village enjoys an 87% annual renewal rate of its members.
  • Be a constant and cheerful connector of people, ideas, plans, skills, talents and resources for the Village members and stakeholders. The Village is a member organization, not a social service agency, and has been built on a personal, high touch and individualized approach.
  • Stay on top of political, social and city issues that may affect the aging population, as well as what the Village movement is doing throughout the country.
  • Serve as a primary spokesperson for the Village with the community, government, media and country on issues that affect the aging population.


A big picture leader with exceptional people skills

The Village Chicago board of directors seeks a bright, warm and energetic leader to transition the organization from its foundational years, building on its strengths and embracing new opportunities as the Village enters a next phase of development. The successful candidate will bring an entrepreneurial spirit, along with leadership and management experience, preferably working for nonprofits. She or he will welcome the opportunity to build collaborative relationships and enjoy the challenges of a leadership role, including guiding others and making plans in an evolving climate. The ideal candidate will share a passion for The Village Chicago’s innovative model of members helping members to remain active, vital and connected in later life.

The ideal candidate profile includes:

  • Minimum 15 years of post-college professional experience, including 7+ in a supervisory role; a bachelor’s degree required; a master’s degree preferred
  • Previous experience working with a board of directors and demonstrated ability to cultivate board member relationships
  • A natural connector of people; a dynamic individual who is curious about what’s new and possible; an ability to motivate others and convert ideas into actions
  • Proven revenue generating experience, including fundraising from individuals, corporations and foundations
  • A social person who is empathetic, a good listener, authentic, welcoming and respectful of individuals, interacting with others without judgment
  • A creative person with an ability to think strategically and forge new paths
  • A calm demeanor and ability to set a sustainable pace for themselves and the organization, however, available and hands on


The Village Chicago wants to hear from you!

The Village Chicago has retained Margie DeVine of DeVine Consulting to guide the search for the Village’s next Executive Director. She will be working with a search committee of the board of directors. If you are eager to learn more about the opportunity, wish to refer a qualified candidate or plan to apply for the role, please reach out to Margie by email or cell. To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to thevillagechicago.devine@gmail.com.

The compensation package is market competitive and offered commensurate with experience. The Village Chicago is an equal opportunity employer.

The Village Chicago office is located at 2502 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614. For more information about The Village Chicago, visit the website at: www.thevillagechicago.org.